Hello everyone! Today Smite, a third-person MOBA launched! You may have noticed I’ve been entirely inactive lately, and I felt I owed my followers an explanation and a place to find me if you’d like, as well as ask for a favor.
I’m an up-and-coming streamer for Smite (I actually have the 7-10pm timeslot on Smite’s main channel, Smitegame this week) and I’m trying to really make my channel grow.
If you’re a fan of me, Smite, Smash (I stream some Project Melee) or video games in general, please follow http://www.twitch.tv/juiceshadow!

And to find out when I’m streaming as well as see mah tweets and such, follow https://twitter.com/juiceShadow

Any follows would be extremely helpful in getting me to where I want to be. I hope that some are generally interested and will enjoy the stream, too! :D <3 We have a lot of fun, and I offer a unique experience for anyone trying to learn the game, or just something to watch!

My Neighbor Totoro Backgrounds for contr4diction

Interesting things did seem to happen, but always to somebody else…

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 p. Ⅲ/ ?

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Women of Rapture Ω

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fma meme: favorite ship
↳ roy and riza (2/4)

"this place brings back memories, lieutenant. it reminds me of your crying face. i’d like to see honest tears like that from you again someday." "i thought you despised liquids. since they make you useless."

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